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It’s time for you to LIVE the life you deserve!

That’s what we believe EVERYONE’S right is:

To be happy, feel fulfilled, and be able to provide the life they want for themselves and their family.

But many today are struggling just to make ends meet.  It’s not really their fault, as much as it is that things have changed. 

Globalization and technology have drastically altered the job market, and many are getting left behind due to Outsourcing & Automation.

In reality, it’s just the outdated and bad career advice they’re still following, BUT it doesn’t have to be this way. 

We’re kicking off an ongoing Daily Workshop Series FREE for anyone struggling in their career development.

Keep reading to find out WHO Should Be Attending the Workshop Series and HOW You Can Participate. 

Learn How to Launch & Grow a Successful Career

Current Career-Development Strategy not Working? You’re NOT Alone.

As we just mentioned, the current career advice out there is leading a ton of people down the same road to feeling stuck working in a dead-end job, living in fear that they might be laid off, or God forbid be pushed over the edge by some emergency that they’re not equipped to handle.    

It doesn’t matter if you’re newly graduated and entering into the workforce for the first time only to find yourself competing with HUNDREDS of other more qualified people for that Entry Level job,

Or a seasoned professional without a clear path of advancement just waiting and hoping to get noticed for the next raise,

Or someone who’s already paid their dues and put in the time but doesn’t have the security of that ‘golden parachute’ pension plan to take them safely into retirement.

We’re seeing people at EVERY level struggling with some aspect of their Career-Development.

For those that have limited to NO EDUCATION or limited work experience, their situation looks even more grim.  

People in this situation already struggle to find adequate employment, and are typically forced to take any job they can.

Which usually means they end up making minimum wage or slightly above, with NO ROOM to grow or advance.

The majority of our work is with people in this latter group, because they are the most vulnerable.  

Many are stuck transitioning from one low paying job to another living in a cycle of poverty, experiencing homelessness or may be on the verge, many times through no fault of their own.

We’ve worked with countless Vulnerable Women who are escaping dangerous situations like domestic violence and being trafficked, and single moms that are doing all they can to provide for their kids, but just aren’t earning enough.

THEY LOSE HOPE that they can ever get out of this situation.  

It’s NOT that they’re unwilling to work, it’s that they lack the right skills & experience to help them escape the dead-end job ‘merry-go-round’ and step into a CAREER that’s actually in tune with today’s Job Market.

Where they can earn an income that will allow them to LIVE the life they deserve.

Again, this is the problem we’re seeing across the board.  

BUT because of Outsourcing & Automation, no matter which group you fit in the old strategies to advance in your career are NO LONGER working, which is where our Career-Development Workshop Series comes in.

The 4-Day Workshop Series That Will Empower ANYONE In Their Career Development

Again, we’re EXCITED to launch this Ongoing Weekly 4-Day Workshop Series that’s totally FREE and totally ACCESSIBLE to anyone no matter where they’re at geographically, OR in their Career-Development process.

Each of the Daily Training Sessions will be HOSTED LIVE at our headquarters in Azusa, Ca, as well as via ONLINE WEBINARS.  

 They will not only uncover the most common mistakes to avoid in the Job Hunt today, but it will cover in depth the KEY SHIFTS absolutely needed to make when approaching your Career-Development process in the 21st century.

Some Of The Benefits of Attending our FREE Career Workshops Are That You Will Learn Quickly How To:
  • Identify & Zero In on High Growth Industries that will Allow you to Live the Life you and Your Family Deserve
  • Identify High-Growth Fields you can Launch Today WITHOUT Having to Get a Degree
  • Identify High-Value Skills you Can Quickly Develop that will Make you Indispensable Asset to ANY company
  • Identify the “ONE Thing” that will put your Career Growth on Autopilot

These interactive workshops will be invaluable for anyone looking to escape the rut.

With or without a current strategy to level up, and with or without a college degree, our career-development workshops are designed to leave anyone attending with a clear understanding of what’s holding them back, AND what easy to implement steps are needed to start taking action immediately.

Actions that will TRANSFORM your life.

There’s no pressure to attend the sessions back to back, because if you miss one you can always catch the next session, AND you can always come back and join in on the same workshop for any missed info.

Bring ANY questions you have or feedback you want to share, that’s what we’re here for.

As we get ready to start hosting this 4-Day Career Workshop Series, we want to make sure you’re available to attend!

Whether you’re someone desiring guidance for your own personal career-development, OR with an organization that works directly with vulnerable people in need of career-assistance, let us know so we can make sure you get into the BEST WORKSHOP for you.

If You’re interested in Attending the 4-Day Career-Development Workshop Series, Register So We Can Invite You to the Next One Happening Soon!