Learn How You Can Volunteer in Azusa AND Impact The Lives Of Vulnerable Women Around The World

Calling all Locals!

If you are In Azusa or the surrounding Foothills area, we are looking for PASSIONATE, talented people to join our Volunteer Team!

Our MISSION IS TO EMPOWER vulnerable women experiencing poverty in the US and in Uganda through Business and Career-Development.

To fulfill our mission, we need the help of those that truly desire to see TRANSFORMATION happening in the lives of these women.

If that sounds like you, keep reading to Find Out How You Can Get Involved and Start Making A Difference TODAY!

Learn-one-of-the-Top-Reasons-Victims-of Domestic-Violence-Stay-with-their-Abuser-AND-How-We-Can-Change-That

How to Volunteer With Us Locally in Azusa 

Wando International is a COMMUNITY of passionate folk who are all about helping you get to the next level in your Career, Business, and ultimately Life, so you can LIVE THE LIFE you deserve.

We focus on vulnerable women as a 501c3 nonprofit organization, but we also want to see EVERYONE who comes alongside us to also reach their goals.

That goes for our local Volunteers as well!

Whether you already have a certain set of skills you want to contribute, OR you want to develop experience in a particular area, there IS a volunteer opportunity for you to be a part of and THRIVE in.

Some of the different Volunteer Opportunities we’re looking to fill:


If you have an “eye for a good shot” and want to hone your craft while helping to capture us in the midst of our work, come snap pics at our next Fundraising Event, Career Workshop, Bead Party, or trip to Uganda!


Are you passionate about producing amazing content? Whether it’s a side-hobby or your career path, help us put together compelling content to Raise Awareness, Grow & Engage our audience.


For those that get excited by Tweets, Instagram stories, and Facebook updates, our social media team would probably be a good fit for you!  Help us keep our supporters engaged & stay on top of mind with great content on all the top Social Media platforms.


Do you like to party? We do too!  Whether it’s being a Host or a helping hand, community events are an AWESOME way to help us Connect with our supporters, Raise Funds to continue making an impact, and Invite new people to come join our cause.

Some past events our Superstar Volunteers have helped with are:


Help us build relationships with our local area AND the community at large. Grow our network of Nonprofit and Corporate partners, Nurture these relationships, and find ways to help Expand our reach to help more vulnerable women.


Are you gifted in writing?  Do you like to write about important topics such as Women’s Empowerment, Business and Career-Development, or Transformation stories to name a few?  Then becoming a featured writer is a great way to contribute to our cause on a regular basis.


Learn about Wando’s mission in depth & help us spread our message using your current speaking abilities OR continue developing this skill with us while making an impact.


Become a cheerleader for one of the women in our programs in Uganda or the US.  Coach them in their journey through career and business development…ADVOCATE for their success!

You WILL Impact The Lives Of Vulnerable Women Around The World

As you can see, there’s a TON OF WAYS to get involved bringing your passions, talents, and curiosities to the mission of Wando International.

We’d LOVE to encourage your development while you make a real difference in the lives of vulnerable women at home & abroad.

Even if you have just 1 HOUR A DAY OR WEEK to spare, that plenty of time to do a lot of good in the world.

We’ve believe EVERYONE has something special to give.

Come be a part of our growing family in Azusa and let’s EMPOWER vulnerable women everywhere together.

If you’re interested in MAKING AN IMPACT with us, set up a time to talk directly with one of our Team Members!