Local Community Nights in Azusa Helping Women Around the World

We did it!  Another AWESOME night of sharing coffee and encouragement with our local community.

This past Friday night we had Round 2 of our mock US Coffee Champs Competition with local baristas from the LA area who are gearing up for the real thing coming up this Saturday and Sunday.

We opened our Azusa training facility to help 3 talented women in the coffee industry gain practical experience competing in front of a live audience AND get positive feedback from the community.  

The crowd was buzzing, yes because of caffeine, but also from the amazing energy these ladies brought to the judges table. 

Local women baristas helping women around the world.

Community Night of Women Helping Women

What a treat it was to watch and learn from 3 talented women in the specialty coffee industry practice their live performance for the upcoming US Barista Championships.

We had the full set up complete with judges, time-keepers, and a whole lot of coffee to go around.

It was a blast hanging out with our growing COMMUNITY of people looking to be a part of something making a difference.

Our friends from the local church came and volunteered at the event, students from Azusa Pacific University, local baristas and coffee enthusiasts alike came out to support.

We had a great time learning about these baristas who although come from different walks of life, all share a very similar experience. In some special way coffee has impacted their life, and now they each use coffee to impact the lives of others.

It was inspirational to hear their stories, all of them having a PASSION TO HELP OTHERS and “leave people better” than how they found them.

This is why we were so pleased to host these ladies at our Azusa headquarters, because it’s where we EQUIP AND EMPOWER WOMEN in the US and around the world.

Throughout the night we were able to showcase handmade paper-beaded jewelry made by women in Uganda who have started their own businesses to escape the slums.  

100% of the jewelry sales went back to support these women, allowing them to put their children in school and meet the needs of their family.

Donations collected also went to help fund Skills and Career-Development Training for vulnerable women locally in the US.

The training we will be able to provide to local survivors of domestic violence and trafficking will directly IMPACT these women to get back on their feet and on track to having a successful career.

We couldn’t be more thankful to everyone who came out to our community nights to help support local women in their skills development AND the vulnerable women around the world we serve.