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Mama Claire Wando International

Mama Claire

Finding a person of integrity and character to care for children isn’t easy. Finding an entire family might seem downright impossible, but that is what we got when we opened Wando International.

James, Ronald and Carol are our social workers and each one is of incredible character and honesty, and they absolutely love the children. Their mom, Mama Clare, is the head caregiver at our babies’ home.
Several years ago the entire family was abandoned by their father. Although life was tough, Mama Clare worked hard to make sure they were raised with solid morals. And it worked!
Woman holding baby

Carol and Kaleb

In 2013 our founder, Hans Huo, met Mama Clare through a mutual friend. At the time she was working in another babies home working 12 hours a day, six to seven days a week and overseeing the care of twenty babies! Talk about exhausting!

While Mama Clare was working her two boys – James and Ronald – were attending college for computer related fields and Carol was in high school. Their paths looked quite different, but would eventually meet.
We started our babies’ home in May of 2013 and needed someone to care for the children. We wanted someone with a reputation for caring and integrity, so naturally we went right to Mama Clare. She accepted and has been offering love, care and support in our babies’ home ever since.
Fast forward to 2015. James and Ronald graduated from college and Carol finished high school. While the boys found occasional work setting up networks and websites and Carol would babysit for friends, the income was inconsistent.
We love this family, which is why when we heard they needed better jobs, we stepped in. We knew their character and trusted their integrity and were blessed to be able to bring them on as social workers.
From ordering supplies to nurturing the children to meeting each child’s physical and spiritual needs, our social workers are a complete blessing and truly a huge reason why we’re able to make a difference.
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