Missionaries Say Farewell to Wando Babies’ Home

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Missionaries Say Farewell to Wando Babies’ Home

Until next time dear friends!

Bitter sweet was today at the Babies’ Home.

Our Mamas, Aunties, and all 20 kiddos sadly had to say goodbye to their new friends, JOY and GRACE, two international missionaries who traveled all the way from South Korea to serve the needs of the Njeru community in Uganda.

The two girls, both students studying at Korean University Council for Social Service, initiated Volunteer Days at the Babies’ Home last month.

Twice a week Joy and Grace have been bringing their own lesson plans, teaching the kids how to play musical instruments, and playing games in the courtyard!

It’s been wonderful at the home having Joy and Grace live out their calling with us.

The children have really enjoyed learning about another culture AND engaging in fun learning activities over their holiday break from primary school.

Korean Missionaries Say Farewell to Uganda Orphanage


Today our dear friends from Korea came to say their final goodbyes.  It was a mixture of emotions, but mostly filled joy and gratitude.

AND…they came bearing gifts!

Joy and Grace blessed the children one last time by bringing toys, sports equipment, and dolls for the little ones to play with.  They even brought new toothbrushes for the kids!



Even though they said their goodbyes, Joy and Grace have plans to come back.  They’re already talking of making a trip to Uganda this coming August when summer break for the university starts.

Back in Korea they plan on sharing with their peers what the needs of the community in Uganda are AND what their experience of serving was like. 

Their MISSION:  To bring back more volunteers desiring to make an impact.

The Wando Team looks forward to that day when Joy and Grace come back to the home, bearing even more fruit from the education and hands-on social work they are developing in.

Till next time dear friends!

To learn about Volunteer Opportunities within our own local community Or serving WIDOWS AND ORPHANS in Uganda, please visit our VOLUNTEER page!


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