Nonprofit Impacts Kids in Uganda with Local Chipotle

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Nonprofit Impacts Kids In Uganda with Local Chipotle

Causing an effect!


That’s exactly what we did this past Tuesday night in our local community!

We gathered and we grubbed, ALL in the name of supporting rescued children in Uganda!

Wando International’s Advocacy Director, Elizabeth Lozano, organized an event that would bring people together, allow them to fellowship, AND enjoy a tasty Mexican dinner…ALL while helping kids in need!

She hosted it along with the local Chipotle restaurant near Wando’s official headquarters in Azusa, California.

Once the date was set, Chipotle Mexican Grill graciously allowed us to bring as many patrons as we could, and committed themselves to donating 50% of the sales back to our Non-Profit Organization

All WE had to do was pack the place!

Being that the evening was centered around raising funds for Wando International’s Babies’ Home in Uganda, it wasn’t hard to rally people behind our cause.

Elizabeth got the word out by connecting with local businesses and sending invites on Facebook, advocating for this event while at the same time raising awareness about the kids this would benefit.

And this proved to be a SUCCESS!

People from the local community and supporters of Wando’s mission all came out to support.


Amy showing her support for Wando’s Babies’s Home!

People had an absolute blast hanging out, AND felt good knowing they were doing something special for someone else.

TOGETHER we turned Tuesday night dinner plans into something making an impact in the lives of children in need.  In total, our sales at Chipotle were a whopping $1,295.36!

So the donated check we’ll soon receive from Chipotle Mexican Grill will be $647.68!

AND that’s not all, because there were some folks unable to attend the event, who still found a way to contribute by donating online.  We received another $105 in donations through our online donation link:  (http://wandointernational.org/donate/)

All together, with the help of everyone who showed up for us in one way or another, WE RAISED $752.68!

A HUGE THANK YOU is in order!

These proceeds are going straight back to support our orphanage project in Uganda.

Elizabeth’s “Help Kids In Uganda” event has inspired us to organize more nights like this!  Something we can do for people locally, while they have the opportunity to give back.

We’re calling them “Community Nights!”

Our next Community Night event will be held at Panera Bread in San Dimas on February 22nd!

More details to come but make sure to MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

We’d love to see your happy, smiling faces AND share a meal with you…while helping the vulnerable at the same.

If you’d like to get involved with Community Nights OR help host an event with Elizabeth in your local area, SEND HER A MESSAGE!

You can reach Elizabeth anytime at ELIZABETH@WANDOINTERNATIONAL.ORG.

To learn how you can serve vulnerable Widows And Orphans both nationally and internationally, Check out our VOLUNTEER page!

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