Organization Says Farewell To Old Friend

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Organization Wishes Farewell To Old Friend

With much sadness in our hearts, we say goodbye to Mr. Oteba John.

Known for his rough exterior but kind heart, Oteba John is one of the most treasured members of not only the Wando International organization, but of the community as a whole.

He has been involved with Wando’s projects in Uganda since the very beginning of our arrival in Njeru almost 4 years ago.

For awhile he was known simply as “the gatekeeper” to the kids attending Marah primary school, as he was the primary person responsible for protecting all the ins and outs of the school.

Oteba has a genuine charm of his own, one that he brings with him to work every single day.

Recently though, Oteba’s health has been declining.  After an operation he had on a hernia a few months ago, he never seemed to fully recuperate.

Due to his old age it seemed that he just wasn’t regaining his strength back like he wanted.  He had every intention of coming back to work, but unfortunately his body wouldn’t let him.

The Wando babies’ home kids even went to visit him on an outreach to give moral support.

Despite all our best hopes for his recovery, Oteba never became well enough to work again.

After his last trip to the doctor, Oteba was told that he may actually be nearing the end of the road.

Upon hearing this news, he decided that he would much rather live out his last days back in his home village of Akakat.

Bidding Farewell To Our Friend Oteba

With Mr. Oteba John’s last request being to help him back to to the village where he can be with his children, the Wando team agreed to make this as easy as possible for him.

Members of the community, relatives and friends all gathered to spend their last moments with Oteba before he headed back to Akakat.


He was escorted on the journey with members of the Wando team, and they arrived to the village safely.

Wando’s long-time friend, Mr. Oteba John, will be greatly missed and we hope his final days are peaceful and painless.  We will continue to be in touch with him to see how he is doing.

We thank you for your service Oteba!

Oteba’s wife will be remaining in the community of Njeru to continue working earning money from her jewelry business as a member of Wando’s Bead Program.  If you’d like to send her any words of encouragement or advocate for her and her business, go to her page:

Abeja Beatrice and Click Become an Advocate!


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