Outreach Report: Students Serve Vulnerable Woman

//Outreach Report: Students Serve Vulnerable Woman

Wando Students Serve Vulnerable Women in the Community

Wando International’s community outreach team seeks to share the love of God to the most vulnerable, widows and orphans.  We do this by simply making Him known through our actions.   We also believe that by teaching our youth these principles we can raise new generations of men and women who seek to serve others and help their communities near and abroad.  This is why on a regular basis we take small groups of students from Marah Christian Primary school and go out into the community with the purpose of serving the needs of others.

Our most recent outreach was into the slum community of Njeru where we had the pleasure of visiting Mrs. Manjeri Odur.

Manjeri is an elderly women known for having a great big smile and for always waving hello to those passing by.  She can usually be seen tending to her home just outside the gates of our school or rolling paper beads for her jewelry business.  She works all day and makes very little money, and has little to no other help.   She is considered to be vulnerable because of the temporary housing she is living in as well as not being able to afford the costs of basic necessities like clean water, medical care, and even daily meals.


Manjeri Odur

On our visit with her we discovered that Manjeri was actually quite ill.  She had been sick for almost a week complaining of severe headache, chest pain, and back pain.  She immediately requested for the team to pray for her, asking that they pray for her to gain back her health and strength as well as her financial security.


Healing prayer for Manjeri.

The team of students layed their hands across the old woman in healing prayer.

Next they collectively helped in cleaning Manjeri’s home making sure every plate, cup, and utensil was free from any germs that could keep her sick.  Students swept, scrubbed, and organize as part of their service to her.  These kids are learning how to work together as well as love others through their actions.

students-giving-back-to elders-cleaning-their-homes



Students serving elderly woman by washing her dishes.

After the team of students were finished praying with Manjeri and cleaning her home, our case workers continued the follow up by taking Manjeri to a doctor.  She was diagnosed with Osteoporosis which was causing her back pain, and the head and chest pain were believed to be mild symptoms of malaria.  She was put on medication to treat these and although she is still very weak, she is already showing improvement.  The malaria should clear up in about a week or so and the osteoporosis will need ongoing treatment.

We ask that you keep Mrs. Manjeri in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to check back and see her through her recovery.  She is a beloved member of this community and is to many of the students and neighboring children like a grandmother.

To learn more about what it’s like for women like Manjeri living in the slum of Uganda, visit:


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For over 10 years Elizabeth has dedicated herself to serving others getting involved with outreach in her local community as well as international volunteer work in Haiti. In 2014 she learned of Michelle Huo’s work with Wando International to empower vulnerable women and children to shift the course of their lives. After taking her first trip to visit Wando’s projects in Uganda Elizabeth joined Michelle in 2015 to help her achieve her vision. Now Elizabeth is working to help students in third world countries like Uganda learn the skills that businesses and Non-Profits around the world want and need. By strategically partnering these students with SMB and Non-Profit organizations, they become empowered to lift themselves out of poverty while organizations benefit from increased revenue generation.

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