Persevering Students In The Slum

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Nothing Is Going To Stop These Students From Rising To The Top

Even with all the ups and downs of this past week, the kids at Marah Primary School are ready to rock their final exams.

The past few days have been a rollercoaster ride at Wando International’s free school for children living in the slum.  Things started out normal with final exams beginning last Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.

It was expected that the Nursery level through P6 students would complete this exercise by today, giving the teachers a full week to mark exams and begin graduation ceremonies.  That wasn’t the case unfortunately.

On Monday we received word that the school was shut down unexpectedly.

Apparently, the landlord of the school failed to clear all his property taxes, which left the land council no choice but to lock campus doors.  This left everyone wondering what was going to happen.



Notice of temporary shut down.


Students and staff locked out.

How would the kids finish their examinations?  Would they be able to graduate?

The school’s landlord was given one month to clear his taxes, giving Wando the ability to open school back up.  If he doesn’t pay though, we will face a closed campus yet again.  We pray that doesn’t happen.

Today we are happy to report that the kids were able to resume their testing! 

(But still not without challenges…)

Thirty minutes into the day, the faculty realized that there was a shortage in the water source.  So a group of awesome students offered to volunteer and help retrieve clean water, so that the daily cooking of porridge and lunch could resume.


They traveled about 600 meters from the school carrying Jerry cans and bringing back not just water, but positive attitudes.

The journey back to school after fetching water.

Finals are officially back in session and it seems like absolutely nothing is going to bring these kids down.  They are taking everything in stride and we just know they are going to rock their final exams!


Testing is back is session!


To learn more about Wando International’s free school in the slum, go to:




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For over 10 years Elizabeth has dedicated herself to serving others getting involved with outreach in her local community as well as international volunteer work in Haiti. In 2014 she learned of Michelle Huo’s work with Wando International to empower vulnerable women and children to shift the course of their lives. After taking her first trip to visit Wando’s projects in Uganda Elizabeth joined Michelle in 2015 to help her achieve her vision. Now Elizabeth is working to help students in third world countries like Uganda learn the skills that businesses and Non-Profits around the world want and need. By strategically partnering these students with SMB and Non-Profit organizations, they become empowered to lift themselves out of poverty while organizations benefit from increased revenue generation.

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