Prayers for Tom: Child with HIV

Baby Thomas Recently Hospitalized in Serious Condition

Tom is currently undergoing treatment at the nearby Children’s Hospital in Uganda for multiple conditions.

Tom was admitted over the weekend with severe breathing problems and a mass developing in his abdominal area.  Wando International’s certified nurse, Hatika, rushed him to the ER where Tom was examined by a doctor and discovered that Tom had a large fecal impaction in his right abdomen.

He was then taken to see a pediatrician who specializes in respiratory disorders and was diagnosed with severe pneumonia.  Tom was immediately put on oxygen, but the doctors are still unsure as to whether or not he has Tuberculosis.  He will need to undergo more testing to determine this.


2 year old Tom battling weakened immune system.

Recap on Thomas:  He is the little boy Wando just recently rescued from the slums not even a year ago.  He was discovered in terrible shape not able to move or even crawl and had been suffering with untreated HIV his whole life.  His caretaker was simply unable to care for him the way he desperately needed.

If Thomas wasn’t brought into the Babies’ Home when he was, he most likely wouldn’t be alive today.

Fighting For Tom’s Life

Being that Tom is HIV positive his immune system is weakened so unfortunately he is much more susceptible to becoming sick.  Being sick is even more serious for him because he can’t fight things off like a person with normal immunities could.

Since being on the antibiotics his breathing is stabilizing but he remains to be on the oxygen tank.  He is receiving regular enemas to relieve the fecal impaction and is on a simple diet of soft foods and soup.  His appetite is increasing so that is a good sign, but still he may need to go in for more testing to see if he’s suffering with TB.

We are doing everything we can to ensure Tom’s recovery.  We have round the clock aunties remaining with him at the hospital and keeping us updated every step of the way.

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