Preparing Goodbyes for Old Friend

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Preparing Goodbyes for Old Friend

Wando’s gatekeeper nearing end of journey.

Last year we reported on the case of our long-time friend, Mr. Oteba John.  He was lovingly known as the “Gatekeeper” of our primary school for years, until he began showing signs of old age and asked to be in less physically demanding position.

He became our office groundskeeper, until a bad case of malaria revealed his health was in much worse condition than previously known.

After rushing him to the hospital, our Uganda team discovered he was suffering unknowingly from the HIV virus and each day that passed he was becoming increasingly weaker.

Mr. Oteba John requested we send him to his home village to prepare for being in his final resting place.  That was nearly a year ago.

Our case managers have been getting updates from his family in the village periodically, and up until now John’s health has been fairly stable.

We now learn sadly,  that John is nearing the end of his days.

His family has notified us that it could be any day now for John’s final goodbye.

The entire staff at Wando, in Uganda and the U.S., are are deeply saddened by the news.  He has been a treasure to our organization for 5 years and his immediate family has become a part of our family as well.

We’re offering our full support to his wife, ABEJA, who has remained in our local community of Njeru to continue developing in the Women’s Bead Program.

Her concern is about what happens after becoming a widow, and being the sole caretaker of their 2 children.

Right now, she is generating income through the sale of her jewelry as a Jewelry Partner, but at this time she doesn’t have enough saved to make the journey to the village.

Abeja’s prayer request is for the opportunity to go see him in his final days.  We believe she and their children should have this opportunity as well.

If you would like to be a source of ENCOURAGEMENT to Abeja, OR learn more about how you can help her, Register to BECOME HER ADVOCATE.  

Upon writing your first personalized message to Abeja or her Case Manager you will have the opportunity to Receive a FREE piece of Handmade Uganda jewelry made from 100% recycled paper.



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