War, AIDS, disease and extreme poverty have left over a million children without parents and led to the need for hundreds of orphanages. Many parents feel that because they’re unable to provide for their children, the best option is to abandon them. Unfortunately, because there is no government support, private non-profit organizations like Wando International play a crucial role in ensuring these children don’t fall through the cracks.

Prior to establishing our presence in Uganda, we visited dozens of orphanages. We needed to understand where the true need for help was and how we might play a role in lending a hand. Each orphanage survived on very little money and took in as many children as possible. This led to a ratio of around 20-30 children to one foster mother or caregiver.

With so many children to look after, nurturing children and developing a socially and emotionally healthy individual is near impossible. We knew immediately that this was where we could help.

While these orphanages meet the very basic physical needs of a child, we envisioned an orphanage that focused on quality, as opposed to quantity.

Instead of offering a house, we wanted to create a home. Instead of creating food, we wanted to focus on nutrition. And instead of simply offering an adult to oversee the orphanage, we envisioned placing five children in the care of a loving foster mother.

In 2012 we set out to do all of this and God provided in an incredible way. After renting a home we connected with a fabulous local family, who would become our social workers. As a team we provide our children with:

  • 3 nutritious meals a day that meets needs for protein, carbs an fat
  • Clean living environment
  • Access to medical facilities and treatment
  • A quality education
  • Dedicated staff to help clean, cook and do laundry
  • A Live-In Foster Mom which allows for a 1 to 5 Ratio of mothers to children

Your support empowers us to continue to provide the exceptional care and loving environment to our children and ensure they have the best possible life now, and a future with unlimited potential.