Rescued Child Comes Back Home After Hospital Stay

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Baby Thomas Released From Hospital

The Wando family is overjoyed to bring Tom back home.

This week has been a hard one for everyone at the Wando Babies’ Home.

With Thomas being in the hospital since last week fighting for his life, and the mamas and aunties having to rotate shifts at the home and at the hospital to be with Tom around the clock, it has been stressful to say the least.

Our precious boy, Tom, has been suffering with severe breathing problems, weak immune system, and a fecal impaction that caused severe swelling in his abdomen.  He was put on a special diet to help with the passing of his stool and was treated with enemas several times a week.

Tom was put on antibiotics and an oxygen tank to stabilize his breathing.  What made things worse for Tom was his HIV condition.  This has made it that much harder for this little guy to recover.

Well we are happy to say that our little fighter Tom was released from the hospital today!

Auntie Sylvia and Thomas on the car ride home.

Tom took his first few steps since being out of the hospital.  Though he was still a bit weak and nervous from the ordeal he just went through, he settled back into the babies home without any problems.  The rest of the kids were excited to finally have their little brother back.


First steps back at the babies’ home.

Tom still isn’t in the clear just yet.  The doctors have started him on anti-tuberculosis medication just to be on the safe side.  The fact that Tom keeps having chronic breathing problems may indicate his susceptibility to Tuberculosis infection.

For now, we are watching over Tom and taking every precaution necessary.  Please keep him in your prayers as he regains his strength.


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