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Develop Your Career by Developing Their Career

84% of rural Ugandans live in poverty… and it’s our goal to change that. But the reality is that there are just too many people that need help, and we don’t have enough people on our staff to effectively help them develop their careers so they can escape extreme poverty. Which is why we started our Social Entrepreneurship Scholarship Program. If you join us, not only will you become a fully trained and certified Social Entrepreneur, but you will be given the chance to put what you’ve learned into action and help someone living in extreme poverty develop a career that will allow them to provide for themselves and their family.

Over the past few years we’ve been working with women in Uganda by coaching them in their careers, so they can have a reliable source of income that will allow them to escape extreme poverty – and keep them from resorting to prostitution. But with so many women at risk in Uganda, we need people like you to come along side and help us. And as you help these women in Uganda develop their careers, we’ll work with you to develop your career as a social entrepreneur.

So if you’re interested in developing your career, and helping someone in need as you do, claim one of our scholarships today!

By Becoming a Social Entrepreneur, You Can Help Put an End Extreme Poverty

When you join us you give impoverished families a fighting chance…

You will empower them so they don’t have to make such extreme choices. You will help the parents send their children to school and surround them with loving, positive support. You help propel them into careers with the skills they need to thrive and contribute.

To do that, we had to think about the problem in new ways. While most charitable organizations provide resources to those in need, they do so with limited accountability, creating a cycle of dependency. At WANDO, we empower families by helping them help themselves, and when you join us, you will not only become a social entrepreneur on their behalf – you will become their lifeline. With your help we can pull them out of extreme poverty.

By Becoming a Social Entrepreneur You Can Help Provide Ugandans With:

Vocational Training

We teach women how to make beads from 100% recycled paper, then string them into jewelry. We connect them to the global market, helping them generate a living wage.

To support these budding entrepreneurs, you can subscribe to a monthly bead package and share or sell them to friends and family. We’ll forward the money you earn to the maker.

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Free Education

We started Marah Christian School (Preschool–6th grade) in the slum community of Njeru, Uganda—only a 10 minute walk from our orphanage.

Children receive free education, two healthy meals a day, support from loving teachers and an education that lifts them out of the cycle of poverty—all while staying with their families.

We serve 275+ students ages 4–17.

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A Loving Home

Our Babies Home is a place where homeless and orphaned children can grow into socially, developmentally and physically healthy adults.
Our unique structure pairs no more than 5 children with a foster mother, who gives love and care to each child.

Our children can count on:

  • 3 healthy meals a day
  • A clean home
  • Access to medical facilities
  • Good education
  • Staff to help clean, cook and do laundry
  • Live-in foster moms
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“I’ll never forget my first friendships in Uganda.”

After my husband visited Uganda in 2010, I couldn’t get his stories out of my head…

The children abandoned after birth—left at police stations, on the side of roads or thrown in Dumpsters. The single mothers with 4-5 children, forced into prostitution just to keep food on the table. Every day he’d send pictures and introduce me to these women over Skype. At first, he was our middleman: “Tell Mama Clare I said hi!” I’d say. Or “Give the kids a hug from me!”

But soon I was making friends all on my own. I’d send updates, little notes and photographs, building friendships and helping where I could. Even from 10,000 miles away I felt connected to this community in a way I never imagined. Years later, I hopped on a plan and visited Uganda myself. When I got off the plane I was greeted by a sea of familiar faces. There were no strangers here. I was reunited with old friends. These friends needed more than a short-term donation of money or food. They needed CHANGE. The women needed to see doctors, to have access to contraceptives. The babies—including one I saw left at the bottom of a pit latrine—deserved to feel loved and safe, and to fall asleep with a belly full of warm food.

If only these women were given the tools to take care of themselves, they might never again be faced with the heartbreaking decision to abandon a child. Because in 2002, I too raised my children alone. I had no marketable skills and was terrified I wouldn’t be able to provide for my kids. During those years, our community rallied around us. We moved in with my aunt and uncle. My children’s school offered us a 50% scholarship, and a work trade for the remaining 50%. A friend helped me get a part-time job doing data entry, which I tackled after the kids went to bed. Those years were tough, but we made it. Turns out, it does really take a village.

Now that my own family is back on their feet, I desperately want to give the women of Uganda what our community gave me: Not a handout, but an opportunity.
There are over 2,000 women and children in the slum we serve. My husband and I can’t correspond with them all, but you can. So we created WANDO for our friends and family to pitch in, no matter how much time they can spare or where in the world they are. It’s never been about the masses or fixing the entire country. For us, it’s about one-on-one friendships—fellow humans offering a helping hand. That’s what really changes the world.

Founder, WANDO



Become a Community Advocate: Offer
your support in just 10 minutes each week

Most nonprofits call this “sponsoring a child,” but our version doesn’t require a check. We like to think of it as Community Advocacy.


Our Advocacy Program is:

Free to join and participatE

An opportunity to offe one-on-one support for kids

Inspired by social networking

We built an entire social network that lets you directly interact with your Child Advocates. Know he has a big test coming up? Write a quick note of encouragement. Does she have an upcoming doctor’s appointment? Show her you care about her well-being. Communication and support—including photos, letters and words of encouragement—send a strong message to these forgotten children: You are important. You are remembered.

By becoming a Community Advocate, you not only cultivate a fulfilling relationship, but help him or her meet real needs, foster positive self-esteem and instill hope. No middle man. No admin costs.

Technology has made it possible for us to connect
exactly as we are—human.

Recently, our core group of Community Advocates discovered each of their kids was at the top of his or her class in school. Elizabeth Lozano, our Child Advocacy Director here in the US, told them, “It’s not a coincidence. When our kids know someone in America cares about them, they work harder. They want to impress you.”

She wasn’t just guessing. Aaron, a 17-year-old Ugandan, told us, “Knowing there’s someone out there thinking about me makes me feel like a king.” Money is not the only way to support those in need. If you have room in your budget to contribute financially to your Child Advocates or support the working women by purchasing jewelry, please do that. But if you have just 10 minutes a week, sign up to become a Community Advocate today.

Make me an advocate

Just 10 minutes per week 100% free

1 According to the 2011 AIDS Indicator Survey, “among respondents age[d] 15-49 who were sexually active in the preceding 12 months, 17 percent of women and 34 percent of men engaged in sex with a non-marital, non-cohabiting partner. Of them, 29 percent of women and 38 percent of men reported using condoms at the most recent high-risk sex.”

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What People Are Saying About Us…

“I have so many incredible stories of amazing things God has done on our trips. I could write books. Our Ugandan family, The students, the mommas, the babies, the teachers…they have my heart.”

– Chandra Alisa

“Wando does a great job of making everyone they work with feel like family. After seeing the way the organization works with the people we serve, the heart for the people they serve is evident.”

– David Talley

In my four trips to Uganda, I have be able to see many Wando’s plans come to fruition – and I am sure there are more to come! Their love for the students and their families always inspires me.”

-Jan Aldrich

“I went on a trip with Wando to Uganda in 2014. I believe God sent me there for my precious Amina. I fell in love with that little girl the first time she ran up to me and held my hand. It is amazing to see the transformation. She looks so good and seems so happy now! I am looking forward to the next time I can go.”
-Reina Rios

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