Stuck In A Dead-End Job?

See Why You Should THINK TWICE Before Going Back to School

Stuck at a dead-end and unhappy with your job?  You’re not alone!

You, like most people in today’s job market, are experiencing hardships in advancing your career AND earning enough to provide what you need. 

ONLY 19% of employees say they feel comfortable with their current pay rate.  (

That leaves more than 80% of people feeling stuck in low-paying jobs with no room to grow or advance.

It’s especially harder for those without a college degree or much work experience.  

What should you do if that’s you?  It may be tempting to go along with the status quo of advice out there.

But…before you jump back into a 4-year college, read this article and Find Out Why That’s NO GUARANTEE For Success in Today’s Job Market. 

See Why You Should THINK TWICE Before Going Back to College

Why “Just Go Back To College” May Be The WRONG Advice For You

If you are struggling to make ends meet, living in constant fear of the next big emergency, OR nearing the maximum pay available at your job, this article is for you.  

We know how hard it is to live productively when you live with legitimate fear and anxiety over being able to meet the needs of your family.

As we just mentioned, we’re seeing people all across the U.S. experiencing challenges in leveling up in their careers, or simply just earning enough income to meet the standard cost of living.

But things are incredibly harder when you don’t have a college degree under your belt, OR have the right experience needed to help you transition out of a dead-end job.

The PROBLEM is that all anyone ever advises people in this situation is to “Go back to school and get ANY college degree. The money will come,” they say.

But that advice has steadily been proving itself to not be effective like it may have been 10-20 years ago.

A LOT has changed in that time.

We’re seeing recent college grads year after year coming into the workforce only to find that there is NO GUARANTEED JOB like they thought there would be for them…like they were promised.

They’re actually finding themselves competing against hundreds of other people who are more educated and more qualified than them.

The companies they’re trying to work for know that they can easily hire the MOST QUALIFIED person for the job and pay them the LEAST AMOUNT OF MONEY.

Again, what if you DON’T have a college degree? Where does that leave you?  

It leaves you desperate to take any job you can, so you can put food on the table and keep the lights on.

Which practically guarantees that you will be going into a low-paying job making minimum-wage or just above, with no room for advancement.

2 Major Factors To Consider

As you can imagine, the advice of going to back to school leaves you with some challenges all on their own.

There’s 2 Major Factors you should consider when facing these.

The 1st is the amount of TIME and MONEY it’s going to take to accomplish a 2 year, 4 year, or even 6 year degree, or specialized certification.

Quite easily, time and money, are probably the very 2 things you DON’T have.

Not when you’re making minimum wage or just above, taking care of a family and most likely working multiple jobs just to make ends meet.

The 2nd major factor you NEED to take into account, is the rate in which information and technology is advancing.

Technology and industries today are changing at such a rapid pace that by the time you go back to school in a particular field study, the information you will have spent years learning will be OUTDATED by the time you actually graduate.

Let that sink in for a second.

Think about all the new jobs, industries, and specializations that have been born out of the internet just within the past 5 to 10 years.

And those that are continuing to emerge on a daily basis, NONE of which require a college degree.

How to Take Advantage and Advance in Today’s Job Market WITHOUT A Degree

Now, we do want to clarify that we’re NOT saying that all school or education is bad. Quite the opposite!

We believe strongly that one needs to be a perpetual learner to SUCCEED in today’s job market.

There are of course fields where degrees and specializations are needed. We even touch on some these in our Career-Development Workshops.

But today we’re talking to those of you who are in a position where the challenges of going back to school with no clear direction or insight into what today’s job market is really showing us, are just too costly.

What should you do if this is you?  

First off, don’t take the outdated career advice of going back to school to get any college degree.

START thinking in terms of what skills & experience you can quickly develop that will make you an ASSET to any company.

We live in the Age of Information being at our fingertips!

Learning ANYTHING you want is pretty easy to do online, and for free.  It’s just a matter of knowing what you should be learning & developing new skills in.

With the way the world is changing around us so rapidly, it’s extremely important to know what’s relevant for today’s job market AND where the future is headed.

Not knowing which direction to go down, or having no clue if the advice you’re following is effective or not, is a surefire way to stay stuck or keep transitioning in-and-out of one low-paying job to another.

Dead-end jobs where you’re not happy.

It DOES NOT have to be this way.

There IS a way out and it’s what we’re so passionate about helping others find.

If You’re Feeling Stuck AND Want To Learn How You Can Advance Your Career, Speak With One Of Our Workforce Development Team Members TODAY!