Student Gets Injured During Finals Week

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Student Rushed to Clinic After Bad Accident

Today started out roughly for P2 student Nakiiriya Suzan.

Final exams are in full swing this week for the students at Marah Christian Primary School.  The only thing on Suzan’s mind is doing well on her last tests before the end of the term and having fun with her friends.

Well, this morning Suzan got hurt instead!

While playing with a friend she slipped and fell.  Not only did she bust up the front of her mouth, but she bit through the inside of her lip pretty badly.

Fortunately, P5 teacher Mr. Roman was nearby when this happened and was able to rush into action.

He took her to a nearby clinic and the nurse on duty was able to clean up and treat Suzan’s wounds.  Suzan was a bit shaken up at first but the nurse could soon tell that the injuries were not as severe as once thought.


Mr. Roman with Suzan at the clinic.

After the nurse finished cleaning up Suzan’s cuts, Mr. Roman and the Wando case managers went and notified the girl’s parents.  They gave Suzan’s parents some extra antibacterial ointment and cotton to make sure her wounds are tended to properly.


Suzan back at home.

Besides a little swelling and minor throbbing, Suzan went back into her finals like a champ!

Little Suzan decided she was well enough to go back to school and resume testing.  Now that is dedication!


Little Suzan pushing through, doing her best.

If you’d like to stay updated on Suzan’s recovery or find out how she does on her final exams,

Go to:  Suzan’s profile and Click FOLLOW!


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