The Definition Of Vulnerable

The Definition Of Vulnerable

Those we serve.

Wando International’s mission is to empower people that are truly vulnerable and cannot help themselves, with the most vulnerable being Widows and Orphans.

Wherever there is high number of widows and orphans, this is a strong indicator that the community is experiencing the effects extreme poverty.

The community we’ve put our mission into action is in Njeru, Uganda. We’ve been establishing trust and building relationships with it’s community members since 2013.

One woman we’ve come to know in that time is an elderly widow named Angelina.

She is the definition of vulnerable.

Angelina provides for 9 children on her own. They are not her children, but her grandchildren.

Each of the grandchildren have been dropped off and abandoned by their own parents. They’ve never provided any financial assistance nor do they visit to check on the kids or their mother, who is aging and in poor health.

All 9 children and Angelina live in a single-room hut with dirt floors, no electricity, and share one mattress to sleep on.  They live in slum conditions, and Angelina works day and night trying to earn enough money to support them all by cutting grass and weaving baskets.

The family is in a constant state of survival.

Most days the kids only get one meal at home, and Angelina sometimes goes hungry so that they can eat.

Out of the nine children, only three attend our Primary School and receive an education. There was a fourth, until he dropped out last year because of peer influence and lack of guidance.

The school provides breakfast and lunch to the three children attending, but classes don’t continue all year long.  During the school breaks the entire burden of caring for these children is left to Angelina.

And with no one to watch over the smaller children during the day, they are left exposed to the dangers that come with living in this environment.  Common threats like rape, abuse, and diseases.

One question that burdens us is the question of what happens to these 9 children when Angelina passes?  Where will they go?  Who will take care of them?

They’ve already been abandoned by their parents, but when their grandmother dies they will be true orphans.

We see this time and time again in communities ravaged by poverty.

Our Outreach Teams have been meeting with Angelina weekly to monitor the home situation, provide support and encouragement, as well as meet some physical needs.

These teams can only do so much though, which is why Advocacy is our answer to this problem.

Impact Through Advocacy

An Advocate is someone who makes a real impact immediately even from 10,000 miles away.

By working directly with our case managers in Uganda, advocates begin to uncover a vulnerable person’s needs, whether they be physical, emotional, or environmental, and do whatever’s in their power to help.

Power to help can simply mean reaching out to others, your circle of influence, and working together to help that one family.

Our case managers are the conduit between you and the woman, child, or family you are trying to help.

Angelina is a widow with nine extremely vulnerable grandchildren in need of someone to do what’s in their power.

To alleviate some of the burden and help Angelina, become an advocate for one of her 3 grandchildren who attend our school:  Aya, Enock, and Edward

To learn more about the program or register, ADVOCATE HERE! 

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