Top 4 Reasons To Be at our NEXT Career-Development Workshop

It’s Time to STOP Surviving, and Start THRIVING

When it comes to the job hunt in today’s world, it could be a little daunting…Ok maybe a lot daunting.

All you want is a job that pays you well, where you are happy and can grow.

There’s a ton of advice out there from websites to career counselors, your neighbor, even your Uncle Joe has something to say about it.

But much of the advice is leading people down a path where at best, they secure themselves a position at a low paying job at risk of getting laid off due to reasons that just don’t seem fair.  

Sooner or later, you just want to give up right?  Well don’t.

We’ve put together a Weekly Workshop Series for anyone needing help with their Career-Development Strategy AND we’ve broken down the Top 4 Reasons you should be attending.  

Here they are:

It's time to stop surviving, and start thriving
  1. Get up to speed QUICKLY
    • If you feel like you’re getting left behind, you’re not alone. We live in a different age now, and there’s some extremely important changes that you need to be aware of.  Get caught up on what the Current Strategies are to Level Up in your career, what High-Growth Industries you should be Targeting, and Why your Biggest OBSTACLE might just be that you have an outdated approach on the entire Career-Development process.  You will learn quickly all the significant advancements that have been made within the last 50 years, and why if you hang on to the old ways of approaching your career advancement you will continue to remain stuck in dead-end jobs or even worse.
  2. You’ll Stop Making THESE Mistakes
    • How can you stop repeating the same old mistakes if you don’t even know you’re making them, right?  OR what if you have no idea that the MOST common methods to finding a job are already setting you up to land somewhere where you won’t be earning enough or have any opportunities to advance?  Well, that’s why we dive into the some of the TOP most commonly made mistakes to avoid in today’s job hunt.  Mistakes that practically GUARANTEE you will spend your career transitioning from one low-paying job to another.
  3. Learn the Key Shifts NEEDED to Transform your Life
    • “So what do I do?!”  We know this is the million dollar question for anyone desiring a better life for themselves and their families.  For those that maybe didn’t have the opportunity to graduate from a 4-year college or receive any kind of specialized training, you especially NEED to know this.  You’ll be provided with simple actionable steps that ANYONE can start taking immediately.  Steps that will dramatically increase your chances for SUCCESS in landing your dream job where you get paid what you’re actually worth. Think of this particular workshop as the Who, What, Where, When, & How steps to developing a successful career-development strategy you can implement TODAY.  
  4. Learn How to TAKE CONTROL of Your Advancement
    • Most of us are used to the typical waiting game when it comes to getting that promotion and reaching the next level in your career.  Sure, you’re working yourself like a dog trying to get noticed and exceeding all the performance standards, BUT still your hard work doesn’t get rewarded.  For others, the company they work for just simply doesn’t want to invest in training to get them to the next level. Well, the good news is that you DON’T need to keep waiting around for that promotion.  We’ll show you How to Map out your Path of Advancement, How to Identify the QUICKEST way to get there and How to get to where you’re Earning what you want, all WITHOUT having to wait on a single employer.

Start Living The Life You Want TODAY

This quick list of the Top 4 Reasons why you should be at our next Career Workshop Series is really just to show you what you stand to GAIN by opening yourself up to New Insights, possibly New Information for yourself, and a Different Approach to the Career-Development process.

An approach that will actually put you on the path to LIVING the life you and your family deserve.

The last and FINAL REASON you should attend our Career Workshops (not listed here) is that they’re FREE!

There should be NO BARRIERS between you and this extremely valuable information.

The Career-Development Workshop Series is absolutely free to participate in AND is accessible not only at our office headquarters in Azusa, Ca, but they will also be held LIVE via online webinars as well.

So there’s NO EXCUSE why you can’t invest the time in yourself to start making the changes needed to transform your life.

Especially when you have the full support of our COMMUNITY here to help!

If You’d Like to Attend Our FREE Career-Development Workshop Series, Register TODAY And We’ll Invite You to the Next One Happening Soon!