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WE are so super proud of our kiddos at the babies’ home!  Grades came back from Marah Christian Primary School and we had not 1, not 2, not even 3… but 4 of our kids take the top position in their class for Term 2!!  That means they scored the highest overall grade in their class. We are beaming with pride.


Congratulations to these amazing kids:

Joseph Waiswa   

Top student in Nursery Lower Class

Top student in Nursery Lower Class

Joseph, or Jojo as we like to call him, has performed brilliantly this term.  Even though he is known to be a bit playful, he still manages to be a good listener and follow his teacher’s directions.  He is well-liked among the other boys at school and he has a silly-humored personality.  Way to go Jojo!

John Lupayi


Top student in Nursery Middle Class

Top Student in Nursery Middle Class

John is such a hardworking, disciplined student.  It’s no wonder why he made it to the #1 spot in his class.  John is known to be a bit shy at first, but he’s described by his teacher as being “determined, capable and promising.”  We can’t wait to see what John is going to accomplish in his bright-looking future.

Pamela Agenorwoth

Top student in Primary One

Top student in Primary One

Pamela has made huge strides in her academic performance over the past year. It’s quite an accomplishment for her making it to the #1 position. She is such a humble, sweet girl and very well-behaved. She may be a little more on the quiet side, but she has shown what great determination she has this term.  Woohoo Pamela!

Sarah Mbabazi

Top student in Primary Two

Top student in Primary Two

This is actually the second consecutive term Sarah has managed to beat out of a total number of 42 pupils in her class, having the highest overall grade!  She is a great listener and a fast learner.  She’s always willing to learn from her mistakes and remains actively engaged in class.  She’s definitely going to try and keep up her academic streak going into the next and final term of the year.  You can do it Sarah!











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