Uganda Student Highlight:  FAITH

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Uganda Student Highlight:  FAITH

Little girl with a HUGE heart!

Today we want to highlight a special student currently attending our Primary School in Njeru, Uganda.

Her name is Faith.

Faith is 9 years old and in Primary Four. She’s known for being a soft-spoken girl, but definitely isn’t shy when it comes to her studies.

She takes a real pride in doing her schoolwork well AND on time, because she has hopes to become a teacher herself one day.

Her GOAL for becoming a teacher?

To help people in her home country of Uganda become literate.

At nine years old, Faith knows just how important being able to read is AND what will most likely happen to a person if they can’t.

Student Highlight:  FAITH’S HOME LIFE

Faith’s father died right before she was born, and shortly after giving birth her mother turned Faith over to her aunt.

Faith’s mother was unable to adequately care for Faith, so she left moving away back to her village.  Faith does see her mother once in awhile when she comes to visit, but it is Faith’s aunt who is the sole provider for the family now.

In the community where Faith lives and attends school, she is in an environment where everyone is experiencing extreme poverty.

Her family is dealing with their own struggles as well.

For the most part, Faith’s aunt is able to provide 3 meals a day for the family, but there are occasions where they may only get one meal.

The GREATEST NEED that Faith has been having for the last year is getting treated for her chronic cough.

It got so bad that for awhile it was thought she might have contracted tuberculosis.

Faith hasn’t been able to get treatment from a hospital, because the family simply can’t afford it.

She has only been getting treated for her symptoms here and there, based off home remedy suggestions from the locals.


The reason why we are highlighting Faith today, is not just because she is a great student with high hopes for the future.

We are sharing her story, home life, and goals with you, so that we she shed light on her real life, every day situation.

Faith’s family is living in a state of survival.

She may never reach her dreams of becoming a teacher and helping others, if she is still in danger with her health and safety.

To help address these issues, we turn to the support of our Child Advocates.  These are people who commit to loving, nurturing, and encouraging one child at our school.

Advocates simply do what they can to help meet a child’s needs.

We have AMAZING STORIES of how one person who makes a small gesture of kindness, can make a HUGE IMPACT on a child’s life.

Faith is IN NEED of someone to advocate for her.


To learn more about the program and go through the free sign-up process, please visit Child Advocacy Program.


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