Ugandan Bead Partner Story Highlight: ANNET

One Woman’s Plan To Escape Extreme Poverty AND Thrive in Today’s Market

Today, we highlight a woman who is determined to BREAK FREE of the life she’s been living.

Annet is 32 years old, mother to 2 young children, and desperately working towards escaping Extreme Poverty in Uganda.  

She lives in a small, rented single-room structure that she barely affords along with all the other costs of providing for a family.

She, too, was raised in a cycle of poverty with no opportunities to escape, but is DETERMINED to provide a better life for her children and is willing to do whatever it takes.

Annet has a plan to not just survive, but THRIVE.  

To find out how she’s accomplishing that, continue reading her story below.

One Woman’s Plan To Escape Extreme Poverty AND Thrive in Today’s Market

One Woman’s Plan To Escape Extreme Poverty in Uganda

Annet is NO STRANGER to hard work and doing what she has to do in order to provide for her family.  

She has a lot of experience in operating small businesses over the years, typically independent resale operations selling used clothing items at the local community markets.

She’s mostly been dealing in resale shoes and prides herself on excellent customer care, BUT because she lives in an impoverished area of Uganda where majority of the community is ALSO struggling to survive, she hardly generates any sales.

The income she does brings in is so little that it doesn’t actually cover her family’s basic needs.

Not to mention the FULL DAYS it takes of her having to sit at the market hoping someone walks by in need of her product.

That was how Annet figured she really needed to somehow reach customers BEYOND her local community of Walukuba if she was going to see any measure of success. 

Being open to learning other ways to generate income, she discovered a business model that a group of women close to her were using that DIDN’T require them to be at the local market selling goods like she was.  

The women were a group of Artisans who produced handmade products that could be sold & exported to customers anywhere in the world.

The ladies were passionate in explaining to Annet how they partner with organizations who sell their products in the Global Marketplace online.

Wando International’s Bead Project became the perfect opportunity for Annet to develop the skills needed to quickly start her own jewelry business where she could start selling handcrafted bead-work to women around the world via Direct-Trade.

That was the point when Annet made the shift to restructuring her Time & Focus to be on doing the things that would make the GREATEST IMPACT in her life.

Rather than just sitting at the market hoping for customers, NOW she used that time to make one-of-a-kind jewelry unique to her craft.  

In just 1 day she had DOZENS of items to sell.

When Annet became an official Bead Partner with Wando International, she immediately gained an online platform to start showcasing her work. 

Since she had created a Direct-trade model, Annet could sell her products at market price which meant that JUST ONE PURCHASE of a simple, Single-Strand Necklace would be worth 10-15 shoe sales previously.  

That felt incredible to Annet.

Seeing that return being accomplished in a fraction of the time, EMPOWERED HER to make this her new strategy in Escaping Poverty.

How Annet Plans on Thriving in Today’s Market

Developing an online Direct-trade business was the smartest thing Annet could do in her plan to escape poverty.  

Without a way to connect her business to the outside world where there are customers able to purchase her products, Annet would remain in the slums with no way to escape just like everyone around her.

The BEAUTY of what she created is that her jewelry tells a story AND is something that directly supports HER EMPOWERMENT.

When customers buy from Annet they get her beautiful jewelry to wear, BUT it’s the cause of empowering Vulnerable Women to escape poverty in Uganda that people support with each purchase.  

Now that she is connected to the Global Economy, Annet has made the long-term goal of learning what she needs to GROW her business online.  

She plans on building an online presence, growing her audience and expanding her influence so that she can truly compete in Today’s Market AND set herself up for Self-Sufficiency.

She BELIEVES in herself, which is already half the battle.  

Annet isn’t where she wants to be just yet, but knows she’s on the path with a gameplan to help get her there.

In the meantime, Annet will continue to develop In-Demand skills, now having the right Strategy & Tools to help her achieve her goals so she can THRIVE.

To learn you can help TRANSFORM Annet’s life by simply wearing jewelry , visit our Handmade Jewelry page!