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One of the biggest initiatives we have at Wando is our community outreach. We strive to be trusted members of the community who serve the needs of those others choose to ignore. On July 26, Nabeelah Dinah, one of our case workers, was informed by Life Point Church of a family with a five-year-old child battling an unknown disease.

joel2The family lives in extreme poverty. Years ago the father abandoned the family, leaving the mother to earn a meager income digging holes and washing people’s laundry. In fact the family was totally homeless for a period of time, until her in-laws stepped in and offered shelter. With such limited funds and a small support system Nabutono, the mother, has been unable to get Joel the care he needs.


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The images Dinah sent were heartbreaking. Joel is the size of a toddler and extraordinarily malnourished. He has trouble walking and sitting up. When most children his age are playing ball with the other kids and running around exploring, poor Joel is relegated to the small hut his family lives in and is cared for mostly by his brother. That’s a lot of responsibility for one child to handle.

We were burdened by Joel’s story, so shortly after her visit Dinah returned with Nurse Hatika. Her findings were saddening, but there’s hope in the fact that we’ve rushed Joel to the hospital.

Please be praying for him. We want to know how to best serve his needs, as well as his family’s.

Nurse Haitka made several observations regarding Joel’s health:

  • Severe malnutrition
  • Severe dehydration
  • Epilepsy
  • Skin rash
  • 2nd /3rd brain damage
  • Pursial blindness

Joel has many needs and his mother is struggling. We’re dedicated to getting him the best care possible, ensuring his brother can get back to school and his mother’s burdens are lightened.

Joel has been taken to the hospital and admitted. We will continue to update you on his condition and our other community outreach initiatives.

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