Update on Child Transferred to HIV Specialized Orphanage

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Update on Child Transferred to HIV Specialized Orphanage

You’ll be glad to hear that baby Thomas is thriving in his new home!

It’s been one month already since our little guy Thomas moved into his new home at Cherish Uganda.

Everyone at the Wando babies’ home has been missing him terribly, but satisfied in knowing that he is in the best place possible.

If you’ve been following Thomas’ story you know how many health challenges he’s had to face and overcome, primarily due to being positive for HIV.

It’s actually how he got the nickname: “Fighting Tom.” 

Wando International’s Lead Social Worker Does Follow-up Assessment on Tom’s Progress at the New Orphanage.

Thomas’ social worker, Dinah, recently visited the orphanage at Cherish Uganda, a nonprofit organization who specializes in the care of children living with HIV.

At the home where Tom is now living, Dinah was able to meet with Thomas’ new foster mother and newly assigned social worker, Miriam.

Miriam explained the way the household is structured and how Thomas is settling in with the new family.

With there being 2 live-in moms and an auntie for the home, Tom is definitely well attended to.


Baby Tom with new mama and social worker (right).

Tom is being given a special diet tailored to meet his needs and he’s already put on some weight!  He has lots of energy now and is so much more active around the house.

Tom is looking good and seeming to be so happy and healthy at home with his new siblings.

The other children love having him as their new little brother.

Dinah sitting with Tom and his new foster family.

The trip was two-fold as Dinah handed over the official transfer documents for Thomas to be under the full-time care of Cherish Uganda.

We have all the faith in the world that our beautiful baby Tom is in good hands.

To read more go to Fighting Tom’s journey!

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