Update on Joel

//Update on Joel

joel in hospital bedRemember the story of Joel? He was the five-year-old child we met who had brain damage, was severely dehydrated and malnourished and the size of an infant. Joel is so tiny that when you see him you want to call him “Baby Joel” because he just looks that tiny. His mom was a single mother who worked digging holes and his brother had to take on the burden of caring for him – a responsibility no child should bear.

After hearing about Joel’s case Nurse Hatika took him to Whisper’s Magical Children’s Hospital. This hospital is lovely, cheerful, comfortable and most importantly able to provide Joel with the care that he desperately needs. Tests within the hospital are run at no additional cost after the initial admission fee. This admission fee also covers the cost of diapers and three meals.

While at the hospital the doctors took blood samples, an EEG and an abdominal scan. We’re awaiting the results.

Pray for good results from these tests.

The doctor put Joel on a nutritionally supplemented milk diet. Within a day progress was noticed. His mother’s spirits have been noticeably cheerful, after all, what mother doesn’t want the best for her child? While staying with Joel we’re making sure to provide the mother with soap, toothpaste, sandals and additional nutrition feeds for Joel.

Our ultimate goal is to eliminate extreme poverty. Through these community outreach endeavors we have the opportunity to understand what needs need to be met to start breaking the cycle. We’re also constantly reminded of why we do what we do. We want to show love to those who are overlooked and undermined by society — those who are forgotten.

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