Upper Navaah Community Outreach, Keeping the Community Healthy

//Upper Navaah Community Outreach, Keeping the Community Healthy

wando4At the end of August our students and community outreach director Jennifer headed to Upper Navaah to help make a difference in the community. When you survive on $1.25 a day, cleaning your house and taking care of your community is typically at the bottom of your list. You’re trying to make sense of life and where you fit it and what your purpose is. You’re not trying to clean up the streets and bless others. It’s not because you’re selfish. You’re just trying to survive.

That’s why our team took the time to nurture the community and residents of Upper Navaah. They cleaned up garbage, swept the streets, met with community members, prayed with them and helped promote community health. Many of the diseases we see in Uganda could easily be prevented by basic hygiene like hand washing and the use of mosquito nets.

While many might look at garbage cleanup as an unwelcome task our kiddos and team took it on with a servant’s heart. They knew that the love they showed to the community could be the only love received for quite a while.

wando2It’s easy to wonder why we take the time to bring the kids along on these outreach trips and the answer is quite simple. We believe in leading by example. We believe the children need to see the importance of giving back and serving others. And we believe that starting in our own community is the place to do it.

The proof is in the punch. After working all day in the heat you can see that the kids are actually excited and energized, because blessing others is fun!



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