Volunteer Spotlight: Isabel Holm

Meet The Woman Fulfilling Her Dreams Locally While Impacting Vulnerable Women Around The World

Meet our newest Superstar Volunteer, Isabel Holm!

It brings us absolute JOY to introduce to you one of our newest additions to the Wando Family.  

Isabel Holm is a recent transplant to the city of Azusa where Wando International’s headquarters are located.

Entering into a new season of her work and personal life, Isabel has had one objective that was clear:  To volunteer with a Nonprofit and give back to vulnerable women.  

After doing some research she found us!  In just a few weeks she’s already become a valued member of our Volunteer Team.  

It’s been awesome to learn more about her PASSIONS and DESIRE to help others alongside us.

We sat down with Isabel recently and she shared with us exactly how her JOURNEY has led her to Wando International. 

Continue reading for Isabel’s Story AND Find Out Why She Chose Us to Volunteer With!


Isabel’s Dream of Empowering Women In Her Own Words:

“Throughout my high school years, I attended an all-girls private school that primarily focused their studies on advancing the education of young women.

After high school and graduating from Pasadena City College, I transferred to Cal State Fullerton where I first majored in liberal arts, BUT then quickly switched to Women’s Studies after taking some courses I really enjoyed.

I learned all about women’s contributions to the arts, literature, politics, medicine, and teaching fields.

I LOVED taking these classes and enjoyed learning about the many significant changes in society WOMEN have made.

This is actually what inspired me to pursue the educational field and start my teaching career.

I’ve worked with children at elementary school levels as well as adults learning English as a Second Language.

I began working with adult language learners because I wanted to help BUILD BRIDGES across different cultures.

It was truly an amazing opportunity to see adults learn a new language and MAKE ADVANCEMENTS IN THEIR CAREERS and IN THEIR DAILY LIVES.

I enjoy helping people of all cultures, ages, races, sexes, religions, and social backgrounds.

I wanted to volunteer for a Non-Profit organization that helps people from all walks of life, and in my research I came across Wando International.

I saw that Wando International is an organization that helps women living in poverty FIND THEIR VOICE and allows them to BUILD BUSINESSES in a place where they don’t have a lot of resources.

It is a great organization that EMPOWERS WOMEN in their own communities in Uganda, and gives them OPPORTUNITIES TO EXPLORE where they would not have otherwise.

I am extremely excited and privileged to be able to volunteer with this organization that is helping so many people reach their FULL potential!

I hope to bring my Warmth and Care to this organization and provide as much help as I can to the vulnerable women involved.”

Isabel Holm:  Volunteer in Azusa Impacting Women’s Lives Around The World

As you can see, Isabel’s passion to work with vulnerable women and make an impact in their lives is at the HEART of who she is.

Since joining Wando International’s Volunteer Team, Isabel has already started to help us organize our next event locally to help increase support for the women in our Uganda Bead Project.  

She’s IN LOVE with the handmade Ugandan jewelry the women create and wants to not only WEAR it herself, but effectively SHARE the women’s stories with others.

Isabel wants everyone to know just how much it IMPACTS these vulnerable women’s lives when they purchase a Direct-Trade piece of jewelry from them.

We love Isabel’s heart and are truly excited for all we can accomplish together with her.  


If you’d like to MAKE AN IMPACT with us and VOLUNTEER, set up a time to talk directly with one of our Team Members!