Vulnerable Sisters Now Safe At Uganda Babies’ Home

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Vulnerable Sisters Now Safe At Uganda Babies’ Home

Girls brought to safety at Uganda orphanage.

Highlighting the stories of children we’ve helped to restore and bring to safety is one of our greatest joys.

We love reflecting back at how far so many of the children at Wando Intl.’s babies’ home have come!

There are currently 20 children being cared for and each of them has their own individual story. Today we’re highlighting two sisters that were brought into the home nearly 2 years ago, Alaina and Claire.

Shortly after the girls’ father split, their mother in turn abandoned all responsibility and simply left them in the hands of their 73 year old grandmother.

At that point the grandmother had already been scraping by to barely meet her own needs.  She was in no position to take on two young girls.

She was willing to was do her best at caring for them, but Alaina and Claire suffered greatly from not being cared for adequately.

Vulnerable Sisters Brought Into A Home

In 2015, Wando International case managers found out about the Alaina and Claire while moving through the community doing assessments in the slum.

It was very apparent that despite their grandmother’s best efforts, the girls needed to be placed somewhere they would receive adequate meals and shelter.

It was then that the grandmother willingly turned Alaina and Claire over to Wando Intl. and allowed us to provide what she couldn’t.

The girls have been at the babies’ home ever since and they have absolutely transformed into healthy, excited young kids!

Last year they succeeded in the baby class program at the home and were able to move onto nursery classes at the primary school level!

They both joined Nursery Middle class at Marah Primary School in the beginning of February.


Alaina on her first at school.

They are loving every minute of it and have all they need to succeed now.  


Cutie Claire being silly at the home.

To follow their progress go to their profiles:

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