Wando Outreach Report: Aba Elder

//Wando Outreach Report: Aba Elder

Just a 5-minute walk down the road from Wando International’s school project, Marah Christian Primary, is the home of 67 year old Aba Elder. Aba’s story is not unlike many of the other vulnerable women living in the Upper Navah region of the Njeru slum community. She was left to raise her children on her own ever since her husband up and left to be with another woman. She’s had 7 children in her lifetime, but 4 have passed on. She now has 1 son, Moses- 38, and 2 daughters, Joyce- 45  and Agnes- 43. One of her daughters is HIV positive and doesn’t work due to her illness.

elder2At the beginning of June this year, the wife to one of Aba Elder’s grandsons came to her door and dropped off a set of malnourished twins. The twins, Babirye Grace and Kato Paul, are in fact Aba’s great-grandchildren. They were abandoned on Aba’s doorstep and no one knows where the mother has gone. Aba is now forced to take care of the two 15 month old children on her already extremely limited income that she gets from weaving baskets.  As it is now, Aba only eats one meal a day.  She is receiving no help from any of her children nor her grandson whose children they are. It is in absolute terrible position she is in right now as she struggles to take care of these two little ones.

Our social workers on the ground in Uganda are looking into this case as we speak. We’re assessing all the options available for Babirye and Kato and praying we find the best answer. That answer may be to rescue these little ones and bring them into Wando’s babies home. We will have more information on this as it develops over these next few days.

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