Wando Outreach Update: Little Robinah

//Wando Outreach Update: Little Robinah

This week our team and several of the kids, including Immatulate, had the opportunity to visit Lydia Watuuse and Robinah, her daughter with special needs. Despite living in extreme poverty Robinah’s face beams with love and joy at the sight of our team, particularly Carol, who takes special care to provide medical massage to Robinah’s legs. Visiting her and serving her mother and four other siblings is such a blessing.

As you can imagine, being a single mother of five children—one with special needs—can be exhausting. During our visit we found that Lydia was in need of help with basic household chores. Cracks in walls needed patching and bushes need to be cleared away from her home.

image Our team jumped in and began clearing out the bushes and weeds. The kids, who we bring along to encourage serving and blessing others, had a great attitude and did laundry and swept. Oftentimes having an organized, clean home makes people feel happier and this was no exception. Lydia was thrilled to get the help she so desperately needed.

image-2-300x300We also took this opportunity to discuss important hygiene practices that help decrease the spread of diseases, like hand washing, and included instructions on how to use a mosquito net. During our outreach visits we want community members to truly feel loved. That’s why in addition to praying with them and sharing the Word of God, we also actively listen to understand how we can meet their needs. During this visit we learned that Robinah isn’t able to attend school because her mother can’t afford the diapers Robinah needs and her younger brother Timothy is not attending school. An understanding of these needs helps us know how to continue serving even after we leave.

 We’ll continue to check in on Lydia Watuuse and Robinah, and will update you as we do. If you want to stay in the loop with everything that’s happening at Wando, sign-up to receive our monthly newsletter. We’ll never SPAM you or sell your information and will only email once-a-month.

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