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wando round table At the core of Wando is a sincere desire to serve our community and the children and families we serve. We do this by helping to meet their physical needs, offering a free education to children and connecting with their families on a regular basis to better understand their unique situations and needs.

Recently our team sat down and had a lengthy conversation with the headmaster and teachers on how we can serve our students. Over the next few weeks we will also reach out to the students and their families, as well as community leaders so we can gain a well rounded view on the issues affecting our community.

Through this round table discussion we uncovered several factors that impact learning and growth for students.

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When you’re trying to get by on a day-to-day basis, taking the time to play an active role in your child’s life is difficult. Add to that a lack of understanding of how to parent and a low emphasis on education and you get one of the main issues we see: poor attendance. Several teachers shared that some students’ parents simply don’t take the time to wake their children for school or don’t make it a priority.

We believe that by reaching out to these families we can help shed light on the importance of consistent attendance.

Two of our students who have a hard time getting to school.
Poor discipline is another factor we found to impact children. Many are left to practically raise themselves and can be found out late at night playing cards and getting into trouble. They simply don’t have someone to be accountable to and, as a result, don’t always make the best choices (that’s what parents are for).

If we can partner with parents and share with them the best way to establish discipline and authority with love, then we’re confident we can help these families achieve proper parent/child balance

Practice makes perfect and at the end of the day if students can’t do their homework or find time to study, then they’re likely to get discouraged. No one wants to feel like they’re not adding up. Unfortunately, many students have a hard time studying outside of school because they’re usually working with their parents.

Educating the parents on the important of letting their children study and equipping them with the help needed to run their business or meet their needs could make all the difference in the long run.

We also found that students who lost a parent tend to stay home after the funeral. This is likely because they have responsibilities at home they need to take on.

If we can understand what their families need, then we can help keep the students in school even after such a traumatic event.

The final issue affecting students is one that’s incredibly simple to solve: hunger. They don’t have enough food in their system to give them the energy needed to study.

Offering food to families, along with continuing to provide meals at school, is one way to keep students coming back and ready to learn.

Through these discussions we hope to continue to learn just what issues are affecting students and the community and how we can help support the people we serve, and solve those issues.

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