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Get together with your friends and have a party with a purpose. Hosting a bead party is a fun, exciting way to help WANDO International create more opportunities for vulnerable widows and orphans to escape extreme poverty.

Hosting a bead party is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

− 1: Decide when and where you want to host your event, and invite your friends and family to your bead party!

− 2: Have fun selling beads, talking about how the proceeds help, and show how much the purchases make a difference!

− 3: Prepare your return package, and help the widows and orphans of Uganda!

You can host a WANDO Bead Party at work, community events, church, and online to help raise funds to help empower impoverished Ugandan women and children. This is a great way for families to do something meaningful together and for friends to get closer.

Register on our site if you are interested in helping the widows and orphans of Uganda by hosting a bead party. You can choose one of our 3 bead kits. Throw a party, sell what you can, send back the proceeds and any merch you didn’t sell, and make a world of difference in the lives of the impoverished women and orphans of Uganda. You will have 30 days from date of kit purchase to return the package and funds. We will support you every step of the way by answering any questions and providing informational materials and resources online.

What’s Involved?