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Last week we received information about two children who were in desperate need of care. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to one of these special children.

Ikoru Blessing truly lives up to her namesake. At only 1 year and 3 months old Blessing has already experienced much tragedy in life. hailing from Kitigoma parish, in Kiryante village, Buikwe district, Blessing’s mother passed away in December from heart failure. Her father abandoned her and refuses to take responsibility for her, which leaves Blessing’s care to a caregiver who spends much of her time working.

This leaves Blessing’s care in the hands of younger children, who forget to feed her and tend to her basic needs. When she does get “fed” Blessing is given plain black tea. Unfortunately, this has resulted in severe malnutrition and weak legs that cannot support her.

Blessing has a three year old brother, who we hope to serve in the future. Currently he is healthy, however, we know he will need help getting an education in the future.

You’ll notice that in most pictures Blessing is crying. Our social workers found getting a picture of her without tears nearly impossible. We can only think that her fussy demeanor is because on most days she does not get her basic needs.

After hearing about her dire situation and extremely poor health, and seeing Blessing’s situation firsthand, our social workers took swift action to bring Blessing in and start getting her the medical care and nutrition¬†she needs.

Stay tuned for updates on this precious child, as well as information about Tom, the other infant we are bringing in.


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