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Invite friends and family to your bead party. Invites can be found on our resource page.
Print out any additional display and informational materials you will need for your party from our resource page.
• Make sure you have your sales tracker sheet, bead sale calculator, and purchase receipts.
• Fill out the beginning inventory column in your bead sale calculator sheet.
Open up your bead kit! Be careful not to misplace any pieces. *Feel free to save the packing material to use later when you return the package after your bead party.
• Set up your selling area display with product, informational materials (flyers, brochures, etc.), and pictures

• Explain to your guests about the program and how the money is allocated and where.
• Designate an area to process transactions; have change and a calculator handy. *Have a computer with the website set up to allow for fast and easy credit card transactions.
• Have your guests make checks payable to you as a host – Unless it’s a straight donation. (You will make out one check with the total lump sum – checks and cash – at the end of your bead party)
• Mark down how much you sell of what using the sales tracker sheet.
Have fun throwing a party with a purpose!

• Ensure your bead sale calculator is completely and accurately filled out. *Don’t forget to account for any straight donations made.
• Make sure the total you have matches the funds you collected as well as the inventory.
• Deposit all checks and cash into your bank account; then make one check for the total lump sum payable to: WANDO International. You can also pay the sum by credit card if you prefer, by filling out the credit card form.
Prepare the package for return. Be sure to include:
o All unsold merch
o Completed sale tracker and bead sale calculator sheets
o Check with funds due (or copy of payment confirmation if paid by credit card)
o Any leftover informational materials
o Original inventory sheet/invoice
Package the contents carefully; use the same packing material which was used when your package was sent to you, if you like.
Seal the box with clear packing tape, and neatly affix the return label to the package. Be sure to completely cover any previously existing labels and/or shipping information. Be careful not to cover any information on the return label with any packing tape.
• Be sure to ship everything back by your disclosed Return Date. If this needs to be changed at all, please be sure to contact us.